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Pet Policies

Our Pet Policies are for your dog’s well-being

Boarding requires proof of an annual distemper combo every three years, rabies as required by your vet, Bordatella ONCE per year, and flea/tick applied within one month of boarding. Negative fecal is also required.

For your pet's protection, boarding requires proof of the following:

  • Annual distemper combo every three years

  • Rabies as required by your vet

  • Bordatella

  • Flea/tick applied within one month of boarding

  • Negative fecal yearly

  • Leptospirosis vaccination yearly

Medication requirements:

  • Description in writing of ailment and dosage

  • Medication in prescribed containers only

  • Able to administer oral medication

  • No charge for administering medications

"Bone" Appetite!

To minimize upset tummies, we ask that you bring your pet’s regular diet with instructions how to prepare. Each guest is catered to their specific needs.

All food dropped off with your dog must be labeled with your dog's first and last name.

Helpful Boarding Tips

Bring your pet's own food.

Preventing stress is one our main goals. Keeping your pet on their regular diet will usually prevent stress diarrhea and keep their stools firm. Bring their favorite treats/goodies. We have a refrigerator for items needed to be kept cold. USDA does require food to be in a hard sided container such as Rubbermaid, Tupperware, etc. Always label your dog food and have it pre-portioned.

Bring your pet's favorite belongings

Being comfortable while staying with us is very important. Bring their favorite blanket, bed, toy, etc. Bring a piece of clothing with your scent on it. They can snuggle with it and have the comfort of your scent with them.


Familiarize your pet with a carrier/crate

Safety when traveling is very important. Purchase the carrier/crate prior to your transportation day. Let them get used to it prior and it will reduce a great amount of stress during transporting. If used properly, it will be a comfortable area for them and they will feel safe in it.

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