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About us

Vermillion Kennels by Barks & Rec is the ultimate safe haven for your dog! We are an exclusive dog boarding facility that was family owned and operated since 2006 and recently acquired by Barks & Rec. Our state of the art facilities were designed with your dog's health, comfort, and safety in mind.

We are more than just your average dog kennel. We offer a variety of services to provide your dog with the best care. We offer dog boarding, dog daycare (at our North Loop location only), Wiggly Field (our fenced in outdoor area), dog washes, dog brushing, medicated bathing per your vets instructions, and hydro-surge bathing available upon request!


Our entire team truly believes that pets are family members and deserve the best care. We understand how important good care is, and we want to make your dog's experience the very best it can be when at our facilities. As dog owners ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to find great care so we strive to make it an awesome experience for your pet.

Barks & Rec was founded in 2021 in Minneapolis. We grew quickly and recently acquired Vermillion Kennels. We look forward to seeing you and having your dog stay with us!

Testimonial Zone

Thank you so much! I was blown away by the professionalism of the team at Vermillion Kennels. I would recommend them to anyone looking for great boarding facilities.


Exceptional service, without fail. This team really cares about your dog and listens to your needs. A definite home away from home.


Being very protective of my dogs I have a hard time leaving them in anyone else’s care. Vermillion makes it easy and is obvious my dogs love going to the kennel. We also have our dogs on a special diet and the staff at vermillion takes care of it without any problems! I highly recommend the kennel to anyone who loves their pups and only wants the best!


Rex had a great time at Vermillion Kennels. Excellent communication from them as well. I will definitely be back.


Great communication from their team. They took great care of my dog. She is very high energy but got plenty of attention and exercise. When she came home she slept the entire next day!


I’m very happy with Vermillion Kennels! I was nervous leaving my dog for the first time at a kennel (as we are very attached to each other) but they helped me through it .  They gave me a tour, answered all of my questions and were very happy to give me updates when I called to check up on how he was doing.

After the week was up, I picked up Hurley. He was very happy but also relaxed and seemed very comfortable there as he said hi to me and then walked around, happy to see everyone. I am so excited to have him home but also so glad that he had a good time. At home, he ran around, checked things out and now is too tired to play. Thanks Vermillion Kennels for taking such good care of him, it was a great week for him!


We found out about Vermillion Kennels when I went to Chuck and Don’s for a nail trim event, someone was there from the kennel (who was very nice and compassionate with the dogs). We needed a 1 night stay for our dog and considering their location and everything on their site sounded great, we thought we would give it a try. When I made my appointment they were so nice and took the time to explain everything to me. Bella gets nervous around bigger dogs and they explained she would have her own area for when she goes out. When we brought her she wasn’t too excited about going away with someone she didn’t know…when we picked her up she was willingly “saying goodbye” and going up to the same person to get some “love.” She ate her food while there, which sometimes doesn’t happen when we have left her with family. When picking her up my kids wanted to see where she was staying and they did not bat an eye at my drop in request to go see where the dogs are, which is a great sign as well. We don’t kennel much, but when we do we will definitely be going back.”


We have been very happy with Vermillion Kennels. I have a 75 lb lab and she gets excited when it is time to go to the kennel and comes home happy and worn out. I love that she is allowed to have her bed from home with her. They are always very helpful and offer to help me get the dog and her belongings out to the car when I pick her up. This is the only kennel we will use.


My husband and I have been boarding our German Shepherd at Vermillion Kennels for over a year now. The first time my husband went to the kennel to see if it would be a good fit for our beloved K9, he knew immediately that this was the place that would care for our boy the way he needed. At that time he was a 1.5 year old Police K9 that had a high energy drive. He needed a lot of structure and had special dietary needs that needed to be adhered to. Andi has years of experience boarding Police K9’s and was able to ensure us that he would be well cared for while there. Andi and her crew were amazing and our K9 enjoyed going for visits!


My dogs stayed a full weekend at Vermillion Kennels and they made my beagles feel at home. I never worried and that is the biggest compliment! They are the best and I highly recommend them.


They are the best! I got some really fun updates with the cutest pcitures of my dogs. I never once had a worry about where they were staying. Definitely my new go-to dog boarders!


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